Wednesday, January 19, 2011

why it works {small + smart}

I am always on the look out for smartly designed small spaces. This tiny flat designed by the homeowner, Sarah Vanrenen, is just incredible. It works and feels so much larger than it is for so many reasons. For starters the hanging chair is a brilliant solution for this small bay window--it is functional and creates a much airier feel than a traditional chair would, it saves floor space and not to mention that you can see through it.

The all over bright white palette (the floors, walls and even the cabinetry) makes this flat instantly feel larger.

The white also allows all the bold punches of colors used the home to pop. This was smart, as is it keeps the eye moving around the room and guests noticing things other than the size.

Lastly, mirrors--always a great way to open up a room. She strategically placed a very large (and white) one directly over the dining area which adds a nice hint of architectural detail as well.

(via british homes and gardens)
Besides being a well designed it is full of some many lovely details and just stunning. It also has left me lusting for a plum pom pom pillow!

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