Thursday, July 8, 2010

retail inspiration {for the home}

I don't typically look to commercial interior design for inspiration but restaurants and retails stores really can spark an idea or palette that can translates well into a residential space. Neapolitan, a retail store outside of Chicago, is one of my favorites to visit when I go home. I always thought it was just because I loved running my fingers over all the stunning designer clothes but it also most likely because it is incredibly well designed by Cindy Galvin of Bardes Interiors and Maze Home.

I love the vintage vogue covers and quatrefoil studding at the cash register.

And what brilliant covering for the swinging doors.

Not to mention the soothing coral and slate color palette that perfectly mimics the pucci dress on display. Yes, all very inspiring ideas that could easily and beautifully work in a home.

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