Sunday, November 15, 2009

weekend project + second opinion

This weeked I decided to finally complete a project that I have had on my list for over 6 months! You see one of my biggest home decor dilemmas was not having any large pieces to hang on my walls and although it can be fun to play with proportion my walls were looking a little silly. So I decided to give facelift a mirror that I had had for while but that wasn't quite my style. And with some elbow grease, primer and three layers of metallic paint (RL Champagne Toast) I succeeded!

I am thinking about trying to paint some of the ridges with white (as it a really thick frame and a lot of gold!) and maybe try to distress it a bit. But the real question I have right now is where to hang it, which I where I need your help! I can either replace the small horse oil painting over my bookcase...

Or the tin mirror over the teak bench in my entry area.
I think I know which option I am leaning towards but cant wait to hear your thoughts!

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