Friday, November 13, 2009

geometry lesson

I love geometric shapes and patterns in homes but do feel that it is important to combine them with classic and unexpected pieces in order to keep a space warm and welcoming. And leave it to Nuevo Estilo to feature a home that is the perfect example of this balance.

I love the shape of the slipper chairs with check cushions and the way the sea foam rug softens the look of this seating area.

And the zig zag rug perfectly and subtly ties in with the architectural details above and on the sliding doors.

I think the bedroom is my favorite part--the contrast of the wavy lines of the rug and the classic box pleat bed skirt with the modern crossed legs of the benches (really want them by the way) is truly a look I would love to recreate. And who knew brown, black and navy could work so well together!?

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