Friday, October 30, 2009

happy [bold red] weekend

I know red is not a traditional Halloween color but it happens to be the weekend of a big game for the Georgia Bulldogs. No I did not go to University of Georgia and I haven't even been to the state but many of my friends are devout fans and it has rubbed off a bit. One of their team colors is red--so I thought some eye candy in the color would possibly bring them luck!

(via annie leibovitz via captivate moi, unknown and arent & pyke)
p.s. If you are craving some orange and black--you can get your fix with my fashioning interiors guest post on Plush Palate from earlier this week!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

designer crush {madeline stuart}

How is that it was only until just recently that I discovered the work of Madeline Stuart? When I saw the Jackson Hole home she designed in the latest Elle Decor I was instantly in love, as she found the perfect balance between the rustic and natural elements associated with rocky mountain living and the elegant refinement I crave. When I pursued her portfolio I was not disappointed and was especially in love with this home:

It is livable and laid back while also being luxurious! She also happens to feature the work of one of my favorite artists (over the mantle), Ashley Collins. Yes, I truly have a new designer crush.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

bold + glamorous

I was going through back issues of Canadian House and Home and was reminded of my love of this space that was featured in a recent issue. This glamorous dwelling is only 500 sq feet but the colors and textures sure make a bold statement!
Which (as I can't help myself from doing) made me think that a similar look would do the same for my closet--when incorporated all in to one sequined adorned dress or when each color and style element is pulled out individually.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

winter whites

Ok, yes it is after labor day but no matter what time of the year white is always in style. I think that I actually put more white pieces in to my closet than I took out when I did the seasonal wardrobe switch. So with snow in the weather forecast for the rest of the week I thought it would be appropriate to have a little ode to winter white!

(via suzanne kaster,, david jimenez, elie saab, kara mann, martha stewart via {this is glamorous}, elie saab, nuevo estilo)

Monday, October 26, 2009

event inspiration {fabulous fall color}

Inspiration really is a funny thing—how elusive it is, how is strikes, how frustrating it can be to try and force and how the feeling of something clicking is unlike any other. All weekend long I was itching to find the perfect unique fall event palette —but nothing resonated with me. That was until yesterday (when of course I gave up) and saw a beautiful photo of shoes on a colorful fabric over at two ellie.

(via two ellie by kellen jacob photography, blumarine, jose villa, jose villa, design lovely via dolci odille and tec petaja)
The color combination was perfect—unique and just the right touch of moodiness for fall. The result a very colorful and slightly funky affair that I would happily attend.

Pssst...I am also guest posting over at one of my favorite blogs, Plush Palate, today.

aqua love affair

There are those colors that I come back to time and time again--that no matter what the season, occasion, my mood or the room that I always love. Aqua just makes me swoon (I am not sure I used that word before I started blogging!) and I can't imagine that it is one I will ever grow tired of.

(via annsley interiors, unknown, atlanta homes and garden, zero + maria cornejo, mark lanning, homes and gardens, mark lanning and collette dinnigan)
And with that have a lovely Monday!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

simple sunday {mantles}

The season for gathering around the fireplace has begun and I love simple casual styling for the fireplace area. I am especially smitten with uncluttered mantles with just one perfectly casual leaning piece of art.

(via elle decor (nate berkus's chicago apt) alexandra rowley, arent + pyke, nuevo estilo and alexandra rowley)
Also, loving the overall casual and cozy feeling of these rooms. All the perfect places to spend a relaxing Sunday!

Friday, October 23, 2009

check, tartan, plaid... matter what you call this family of patterns-it is still a strong trend for this fall and winter.

I love the modern and laid back twist that designers, such as Steven Alan have put on a look that was once reserved only for cozy cabins and flannel shirts.

And from the looks on the spring 2010 runway it seems this family of patterns will stick around after the snow melts.

(via lonny, osborne and little and domino)
Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

perfect [pattern on pattern] look

I am not one to post a single fashion editorial image--however, this image has been haunting me and begging to be posted. At first I couldn't decide my thought on the pattern on pattern look but lets just say it grew on me exponentially ever time I looked at it (it is pinned on my inspiration board) and now I think it just downright perfect!

(scanned from marie claire)
And I think this style also perfectly showcases a lovely way to wear a dash of sequins. If you like this level of sparkle (like I do!) you will also love this shirt from vanessa bruno. Is the pattern on pattern look one you would take the risk to sport?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pretty in peach

Pastels for fall? Yes, indeed. Peach is the perfect warm and luxurious alternative to the traditional pastel shades of summer.

(via j.crew designer gallery, coco+kelley, donna karan + cynthia warren)
Do you have a favorite fall pastel?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

comfortable luxury

I don't know about you but when I think about luxurious spaces I think of rooms where I can't touch or sit on anything, almost as is I am in a museum. It isn't that I wouldn't like a few luxurious touches in my home (a gilt consul or crystal sconce, perhaps) but I also want a space that I can feel comfortable relaxing in. I think this loft has achieved what I imagined to be unachievable--comfortable luxury.

(november 2009 canadian house and home)
Love the balance of the antiques with the inviting and casual seating. I could go on and on about all the details I love about this room (the screen and that sidetable!) but I won't. Best yet, did I mention this style is proving successful in a loft?

Monday, October 19, 2009

[luxurious] fall basics

As I sit here curled up in favorite cashmere sweater I am reminded about how fall and winter styles really are all about luxury. It is the time of year to indulge in cozy fabrics, ornately detailed pieces and fabulous fabrics. These are a few of my favorite picks for luxurious and practical pieces for the coming cold weather season.

I mean a girl has to have a fabulous coat to curl up in during sleigh rides, a versatile skirt that can go from day to night, a go to holiday party dress, statement clutch that everyone asks about, an apres ski sweater for us mountain town gals and of course fabulous shoes!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

prada {purse} inspired palettes

I have quite the affinity for prada purses and hence have worn my fair share into the ground. My love grew even more for this luxury brand when I saw these lovelies in there 2010 resort collection. Starting with this stunning combination of brilliant orange and cobalt.

Perfect, right? The colors are just stunning and also translate beautifully into a bold and inviting interior palette.

( via unkown)
And then there was the perfect crisp black and white handbags with the perfect little touch of gold.

Which also is lovely color scheme when applied to an interior, especially when it is an entry way like this one...

(room by celerie kemble)
Lastly, love the combination of the slate and yellow of this one against the salmon dress.
Which of course, like the others, looks amazing when applied to an and point:

(via john granen)
So which prada purse inspired combination is your favorite?

Friday, October 16, 2009

craving caramel

I don't typically have a sweet tooth (I am more of savory girl) but when one of the most sugar filled holidays approaches I do begin to have caramel apple cravings. Not only are they delicious but the color is just so comforting and cozy for fall.

(via so chic, paris vogue via dress design & decor, apartment therapy, j.crew, coco+kelley, scanned from canadian house and home)
And with that, have an absolutely lovely {and cozy} weekend!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

evening eye candy {metallic mosaics}

Ok, I know a metallic mosaic tile back splash may seem like a bold choice but I just adore the way it looks in this kitchen. When paired with a playful pale blue ceiling and sleek cabinet hardware it comes across as modern and sophisticated space.

(via canadian house and home)
So inquiring minds (well, mine!) want to know-- what is your take on this look?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

eat-in kitchens {country + contemporary}

For a while there I thought I was over my fascination with eat-in kitchens but no, I was just waiting for a for these lovelies to find their way in to my inspiration folder. Although all of the kitchens are different styles they all feature lovely wood accents, neutral colors, fantastic flooring and inspired lighting and storage options.

(via skona hem, marie claire maison, paul raeside, living etc, design crisis)
Alright, time to get in to work on dinner in my own kitchen but not before I ask--which style to you prefer?

p.s. the one from Living etc is my favorite, as it is the perfect mix!